Maggie Gracen is daughter of Valemont and a unamed mother. She is the younger sister of Eric Gracen.

Childhood, Growing Up and time before ValemontEdit

Maggie was born as the second child of Valemont, a vampire and an unnamed vampire mother. She never knew her real father, as her mother was already married and always told her, her her brother and stepfather that he was her real father. On one night, her stepfather found out that she and her older brother Eric were not only someone else’s but also vampires, he tried to drown them including ,himself and their mother by driving too fast in the car making it come of road. Valemont saved her, Eric and her mother. Her stepfather died. She never saw them again and was put into a foster home.

Enrolling Valemont and strarting with the search for the truthEdit

After seeing her brother’s dead body in an autopsy room on a police department and
seeing that his whole body is charred Maggie wants to know exactly how he died. Maggie found an incoming Freshman of Valemont, the university the last place Eric is seen alive. This girl is in a late trimester of
her pregnancy, so she can't attend Valemont because she is a "walking laboratory" herself. The girl gives Maggie her subscription formulate and Maggie changes her name to Sophie Fields, because Maggie doesn't want that other people know that she is Eric’s sister. She also dyes her black hair blonde.

Discovering the truth of Valemont, Eric and herselfEdit

From the very beginning Maggie discovers there is something wrong with
Valemont and a select few of its students. She sees each one of them as
possible candidates for her brother’s killer.

With Eric's friend Gabriel Maggie learns that some of the students of Valemont are vampires discovering that the method of killing vampires is the same as the one used on her brother she begins to question is she is a vampire and even if her brother may still be alive as well as suffering through violent halusinationsand dreams.

Gabriel tells her that that due to an accident Eric broke his leg leaving pins to be put in she returns to the morgue her brother was in to discover not only has her brothers body been released without her permission but that the policeman who showed her the body does not exist. going to the funeral home she find
Valemont storypic
s that not only is her brother alive but that he is a (human blood drinking) vampire and that she herself may also go through the transformation. When she informs Gabriel he becomes angry that the one who taught him about vampires is himself one as well as the girl he has begun dating may to become the being he despises. Maggie then attempts to leave before charming her back to Valemont the same night he takes her on a date that results with her being strapped to a chair and injected with garlic oil forcing her transformation into a vampire before she was ready being attacked by an unknown force Gabriel was knocked out allowing Maggie to
escape where Sebastian finds her giving her pigs blood to drink before she passes out to complete her transformation.

During her coma she has a vision of her childhood home and a first birthday
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cake with a man telling her he's what she has been searching for. She wakes only to discover that she in the last descendant of the Desmodus house the original vampire lineage but also the strongest but that apart from her brother all of the other Desmodus were killed in a fire leaving her as the strongest vampire on campus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a vampire, Maggie posses the basic vampire abilities such as:

  • Speed, Maggie can move on a non-human speed rate.
  • Strenght, Maggie's physical strength is much stronger than human beings.
  • Predictive dreams, even before her transformation, Maggie had a lot of dreams/flashbacks of the vampires.
  • Eyes, Maggie has a red circle around her pupils duing her trasformation.

As a Pureblood Desomdus vampire, Sophie posses some unique vampire abilities including:

  • Enchanted eye vision, Maggie can see perfectly when it's dark.
  • Strenght, and speed Maggie posses mutch greater skills the average vampire


Sophie Gracen
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Maggie Gracen

Also known as: Sophie Fields

Gender Female
Race Vampire
Hair Color Black (Formely)

Blonde (Curuntly)

Status Alive
Family Members Valemont (Father)

Ms. Gracen (Mother) Unnamed Steph-father Eric Gracen (Brother)